What is the induction heater needed for?

Published : 2018-11-14 15:53:10
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Interview with Sergio Riva about heating inductor

  • Hello Sergio, first of all introduce yourself
    Hi, my name is Sergio Riva, I am 56 years old and I live in Veniano, close to Como. Motor passion is always been part of my life. I started repairing lawn movers and small agriculture machines and ended up repairing cars. After 30 years in various service garages (Fiat, Opel, Renault and Citroen) and after various technical tranings, I decided to start my own business.

  • Thank you. Could you please tell us little more about your job? What are actually your main segments?
    Currently, we take care of cars, campers, horse transport trucks. The job is going from van interior fittings, to standard yearly check up to off-road cars customizations.

  • We know that one of our main hobby is the off-road world. Can you explain us into more details this passion, which we know is shared amoung your family?
    Off-road cars have come into my life nearly by chance. I used t have 1 which I used in my job. Following a friend, I took part once to an off-road rally and from that day my life changed. Just consider that my wife is doing regional offroad trial competions.

  • Apart from an hobby, offroad world is part of your job. Can you explain us how?
    I uses my experience in modifying first of my off-road car (the so famous Opel Frontera "La Rana") and I use the same skills for other people to make their cars more and more performing. I like to invent, create and modify them

  • We would like now you to explain us little bit more into details about the tools you use for your job. We know you use an induction heater. Can you explain us what it is? What are the areas you can use it?
    Among various tools, I use a heating inductor. At the beginning I was kind of puzzled and I bought it more as an attempt, so to say. That was the money best invested. I used everywhere and every day, to remove blocked stoppers, rusty bolts, leaf springs, steering heads. No need to cut and replace parts anymore! Another big advantage is the lack of flame which makes possible to use it near electric cables and fuel tans (i.e. to remove a gas exhaust muffler).


  • In a few words, you seem to be happy about your purchase, don't you?
    I am very happy about this product and I suggest it to everybody. You can use in any field. Everybody who see me using it is surprised how fast I can heat a metal with it.
  • So, would you suggest a friend of your to buy it?
    No doubt about it. It is extremly useful! You can appreciate it only when using. You save lot of time and money.
  • Thank you for your kindness. See you at next 4x4 Fest in Carrara!
    Thank you to you as well! See you there!

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