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Road Simulator and Chassis Dynamometer

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Road Simulator and Chassis Dynamometers

Bapro is the only company totally dedicated to the development and production of chassis dynamo-meters/road simulators for cars and motorbikes.


Shorter repair time (fast and exact diagnosis)
effective use of the instruments already present in workshop (diagnosis equipment, gas analyzer)
Avoid any risks from road tests (traffic, accidents, fines)
Results certification (performance enhancement)
Accessories sale improvement by result verification (exhaust systems, efi controller etc..)
Second-hand vehicles sale improvement by engine health certification
Vehicle check before second-hand trades
Renting for tests and technical checks


Powder coated tubular frame made by high strength steel (2 items) (allow to test high power heavy vehicles ensuring steady measures over the time) Pro: Maximum strength with minimum flexure compared to the competitor sheet metal frame.

8 big diameter rollers knurled over the entire width (Bapro is the sole to adopt the cut knurling that give the best grip to the tire) Pro: maximum precision, minimum slippage, avoid the tire overheat with less wear

HTD belt transmission between rollers (toothed belt that distribute the vehicle power between the rollers) Pro: chance to test high power vehicles

Pneumatic vehicle lifter with rollers lock (high quality pneumatic lifter) Pro: make easier the vehicle positioning on the road simulator by locking the rollers and lowering the step

Front chassis dynamometer on rails to adjust the wheelbase (the traversing module is composed by high precision carriages working on rails. The carriages support the dynamometer that is moved by heavy duty screws jack) Pro: heavy duty, long range wheelbase and wide working surface

Eddy current brake with load cell (allow to perform load tests and fixed rpm) Pro: the brake and the rollers are mounted in the same frame, that is conceived to withstand the power of the ultra highpower vehicles.

Load cell (standard feature, allow the measure the power in steady state tests) Pro: Accurately mounted between rose joint

Brake protection grid (strong grid, walkable, big holes for the cooling) Pro: sturdy and optimal cooling for the brake

Chassis dynamometer management software (allow to perform, save, compare and print the tests) Pro: Updated, complete, particularly intuitive, with analogue and digital gauges.

It works without mouse and by remote control. Compatible with the present and future Windows operating systems. It doesn’t need a dedicated computer and it works on the notebooks too!

Infrared remote control (operating system free) Pro: allow to perform any tests without stopping the vehicle.

Built-in weather station (pressure–temperature, it allows to measure the weather conditions) Pro: the sole dyno that corrects the power reading in real-time according the different standards

Lambda sensor input (allow to connect the vehicle lambda probe or an external controller) Pro: Allow to compare the dynamometer readings with the vehicle carburetion. Invaluable during the tuning or the mapping.
Built-in rev-counter system (acquire the engine rpm directly from the spark plug or from an external revolution counter) pro: Easy to use

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