Payment methods

Methods of payment available are based on the country from which the order was received and the total order amount. Here is an overview of payment methods:

Credit/debit card: Your credit or debit card will automatically be charged by our financial service provider. Your order will be processed once the required verification of your data has been completed.

PayPal: Paying is quick and easy with PayPal, the free online payment service. At PayPal, you only need to enter your account details once during your initial registration, and thereon in it’s a matter of a few simple clicks. Your bank or credit card information is safe and will not even be passed on to us. If you pay using PayPal, we can immediately begin with the processing of your order. Further information regarding the PayPal service can be found at

Prepayment: During the payment process you will receive our bank details, which you will use for payment.
The delivery of the goods will be done only after yuor payment has been successfully done to our account, which can lead to a lengthening of the delivery time of approximately 2-4 working days.

Bank details for payment:


Bank name : Banco Popolare Lucca Pisa Livorno – Avenza Branch , Via Campo D’Appio nr. 45, 54033 Avenza Carrara (MS) – Italy

IBAN: IT62T0503424545000000001635



ABI: 05034

CAB: 24545

ACCOUNT No.: 000000001635